Welcome to Sori Sushi!
Named for Sori, co-owner, artist and wife to Kenny, an experienced and master Sushi Chef, Sori Sushi has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine to customers since October 2007. Seasoned connoisseurs and sushi beginners alike can enjoy the fresh, high-quality and authentic sushi while non-sushi eaters and vegetarians can choose from our full kitchen menu of delicious and healthy dishes.

With Soriís original artwork displayed on the walls and Kennyís traditional artwork served to you on a plate, Sori Sushi offers an irresistible atmosphere, delicious and exotic food, and the best prices for our customers.
About Sori
Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Sori has been practicing art all her life and has brought the knowledge she has gained through her education in Oriental Art, Drawing and Business to her new profession of managing our restaurant. Her unique artwork has been displayed in art galleries and covers the walls of Sori Sushi, helping to create a beautifully unique and welcoming environment.
About Kenny
With more than 25 years of learning the art of sushi from Japanese Masters and on-the-job training at restaurants all over the U.S., including New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Austin, Kenny has developed a passion for preparing sushi and other authentic Japanese cuisine. He has worked at various Japanese restaurants in this area since coming to Toledo in April 2002 and after meeting his wife Sori, decided to open his own sushi bar and Japanese food restaurant. His love of satisfying customers with the colorful appearance and flavors of his food has inspired him to serve only the finest quality dishes. Kenny has been a chef at award-winning restaurants, but he feels that pleasing his patrons is the most gratifying aspect of his business.