Our Menu
Our menu includes a wide variety of sushi and other Japanese cuisine developed and perfected from Kenny’s vast experience as a master sushi chef. We make each of our Japanese dishes with only the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure that the taste and quality of our food is healthful, delicious and memorable.

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Sori Sushi Menu [Download pdf]

Reviews and Testimonials
“My husband and I would come to Sori Sushi every day if we could. So many wonderful things to eat and everything is so fresh! Kenny is the master. We love Sori Sushi. Best Sushi in Toledo by far!”

-- Susan Black

“What’s your idea of art? A Michelangelo painting? A Wayne Gretzky slapshot? Shakespeare? Try the art of Kenny...(I suggest you sit at the bar to watch the master at work while he engages you in pleasant conversation). The “food” (I think of it as a small slice of heaven on earth) is beautiful. It is ALMOST as much fun to watch it being created as it is to eat (LIAR...it’s way better to eat). The rich textures, the delectable sauces, the ULTRA premium fish are SOOOO light on the tongue, yet full of flavor. Watch out for that flying knife. Fingers molding rice and wasabi, fashioning it in a bundle that SCREAMS 'I want to be devoured!' If you want the best sushi in town, THIS is where you wan to be. By the way, Kenny’s wife works here too. And SHE is an artist—check out her fish made out of leaves. Amazing”

-- Dale Black

“We love Sori Sushi. The food is wonderful as is the service. From the first meal at Sori Sushi, Sori has made every experience great. We continue to come and bring friends and family. Thank you Sori for a great date out!”

-- Alice and Dan Berns


-- Kollene Caspers

“Extremely authentic, excellent food, excellent service – we’ve visited Sori Sushi about once a week now since opening, always the same great food and service. The prices are very reasonable also. We’ve been to most of the Sushi restaurants in the Toledo area and we’ve chosen Sori Sushi as our favorite in food quality, excellent service and value for our dollar.”

-- Tom & Vickie Pearce

“Best crunchy and green tea moochi on the planet (in all Toledo). I enjoy the food and the atmosphere.”

-- Reyhaneh Fakhari

“Sori is the best sushi place in town. The food is always excellent and the rolls never fall apart! The staff at Sori is always very pleasant and helpful. The atmosphere at Sori is pleasant and relaxing and we really enjoy eating here. We think the fish rivals what we’ve had in big city restaurants – but the price here is very reasonable. We love the fish artwork and think it should be offered for sale! Thank you!”

-- Rebecca & Tyler

“We absolutely love the variety in flavors and price. The service is always outstanding. We have never experienced such wonderful sushi, until we came here. We are now regulars, because we can’t get enough. There is always something new to try and experience, including the fabulous desserts. We appreciate greatly the recommendations made when we have trouble deciding. Thanks so much for being open! We love coming here.”

-- James & Julie Barta

“Food is excellent – fresh and carefully prepared. Inviting atmosphere and a warm, friendly staff. We love Sori Sushi!”

-- Mack Sears

“The food at Sori Shusi is fresh and delicious. The service is friendly and attentive. We enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere and would recommend this fine restaurant to our friends and family.”

-- Kelly Kasir

“Always consistent quality, excellent taste, excellent presentation, and excellent value.”

-- Mike Wong

“Very good sushi. Great value! Unbeatable of all sushi bars in Toledo.”

-- Michael Huss

“We love Sori! The environment is very inviting and the Sushi is the best. And Sori’s art work is truly one of a kind. Thank you for ALWAYS making our evening enjoyable, fun and full!”

-- Jessica & Martin Kraus